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Hillary Mullennix

Eat your veggies, do your squats, be Beyonce.



I like to go by Hill or Hilly Bey (Beyoncé is Queen Bee!). I love my family, sig other, and friends. Especially my twin Delaney, whom I’m so lucky to call my best friend. 

Lifestyle: The reason I love SweatNET and am so proud to be one of their ambassadors is because I love variety in my wellness activities. Anything that makes me sweat and feel good! I also love feeling comfortable in my own skin and not being nervous to try new things without a fear of being judged. My goal is to connect others with this same experience. I consider myself to be an Ovo Pescetarian– fish is the only source of meat, no dairy, yes to eggs! Grand Rapids has so many amazing places to eat out that support this diet. My two favorite hobbies outside of trying new healthy places to eat and staying active are thrifting and being young, wild & free at live music events (any genre).

Influence: I think everyone, especially women are so pressured to be look like and spend the same amount of time/money on material things that the influencers they see on social media do. I wanted to end my bio with the best thing I ever saw on Instagram. It was this Quote: “Pretty girls with natural bodies and regular jobs, y’all still winning don’t let social media shit fool ya’!”

Professional Life: I work for an amazing West Michigan based company as the Talent Experience Manager doing all things HR. I grew up in Fruitport, MI, went to school for my undergrad at Western Michigan University, and completed my MBA in Human Resource Management from Davenport University. I’m a Senior Certified Professional through the Society of Human Resource Management. 

Business Location

Planet Fitness, Plainfield Avenue Northeast, Grand Rapids, MI, USA