Hosting Holiday Dinners? Ease the Strain on your Body While You’re in the Kitchen

Hosting Holiday Dinners? Ease the Strain on your Body While You’re in the Kitchen

A lot of hard work goes into making memories and keeping traditions alive! This holiday season don’t let discomfort put a damper on the celebration. Here are a few recommendations to ease the strain on your body when preparing those delicious meals.

– Create your menu
– Online shop for your groceries then pick-up or better yet, have them delivered
– Spread prep out over the days leading up to the event. Get a head start by chopping produce or pre-making casseroles that you can pop into the oven day of
– Sprinkle in some restaurant sides
– When people ask you what they can bring, tell them!
Wear supportive shoes and compression stockings. Unless you are a chef, work in retail, or other jobs that condition you for prolonged standing, you are going to be on your feet longer than you are during your normal day to day activities.

Plan on alternating static tasks with movement tasks and consider completing in different positions. Static tasks like chopping, dicing, slicing can easily be performed in a seated position. While movement tasks like mixing, flipping, stirring (…the gravy…my least favorite task) typically need to be completed in standing. Check out some examples of movement here

Endurance and muscular fatigue can set in with static, prolonged, or repetitive activity even if not considered “strenuous.” When you have been on your feet for a while or if you start to feel a little achy, use a foot stool to offset your weight (see photo) or complete a postural reset and check in to “wake up” those stabilizer muscles that work hard for your body in these positions.

Take breaks. For my desk job clients, I recommend taking a break every 30 minutes and at the very least every 60 minutes.

Set a timer as reminder! This break can be for 30 seconds but I encourage your to move into a position opposite of the position your body is currently working. So if you have been standing leaning over the stove then stretch out the front of your body by arching backwards or complete a standing side bend stretch. Check out this  ✨video✨  for a quick demo and some other ideas.

Hopefully this helps curb stress on mind and body this holiday season. I hope you are able to take a breath, be present, give thanks, and enjoy the company of friends & family in person or in 2020 fashion…virtually. Enjoy the experience you created.

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