How Hilliard Studio Method Can Make You A Stronger Runner + Cyclist

How Hilliard Studio Method Can Make You A Stronger Runner + Cyclist

For years we’ve been taught or believed that in order to achieve a healthy, lean body we should do cardio, cardio, cardio. I’m here to tell you, as someone who was guilty of just that, that you need to incorporate some type of resistance training to achieve the sculpted look you’re probably working for. Cardio absolutely has its place in a well-rounded workout routine, but you’re missing out on so many benefits by not making resistance training a priority. Aside from aesthetics, resistance training will make you a stronger runner, cyclist and overall athlete. This is where Hilliard Studio Method comes in. Hilliard Studio Method is a unique workout that combines barre, Pilates, yoga and strength training into an effective and efficient total body workout. Let’s examine how this can help you as a runner/cyclist.

HSM classes are centered around the core. You work your abs from the very beginning of class to the very end. This is key as a stronger core is arguably the most important muscle group for running. Deep core muscles work to more evenly distribute the load of a run, allowing for better performance and endurance.

We also emphasize balance in our classes, as many exercises are done on one foot, or on high heels, or unilaterally. Balancing poses can help strengthen small muscles in the ankles, legs and core that you need to move fast and efficiently. This not only helps runners as they land one foot at a time, but for everyday walking as well. Single side work will also help bring awareness to any imbalances that exist from one side of the body vs the other, which is very common!

A similarity that our classes have with running or cycling is that they are challenging from the beginning until the very end. Your body benefits physically from the exercises and you benefit mentally as well. Focusing on form and breathing helps you connect inward, and you need to practice these techniques to get you through races or long runs outside of the studio. You learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

We can’t forget the obvious way that strength training helps in our cardio performance as well. Stronger bodies make everything we do easier, faster and more powerful. At HSM, we use various weights, body weight, balls, gliders and bands to challenge the body in different ways to build muscular endurance and strength.

I can’t encourage you enough to try one of our classes either in-studio, on zoom, in the parking lot or through our library of streaming classes. Our goal is to see you become your most powerful version of yourself!

MEGHAN LEE – Hilliard Studio Method Instructor + Fitness Enthusiast. Follow @meghan.lee.clt