How to Not Diet

emily daly

How to Not Diet


That you can be healthy without being on a diet.

That you can be fit without restricting your food intake.

That your health can be a top priority and you don’t have to be on a diet.

That you can eat healthy food and not be on a diet.

Listen up fam: you can prioritize your nutrition and make healthy food choices without being on a diet.


You absolutely have to pay attention to your mindset in how you approach food choices. You have to learn to implement habits that shift the attention away from restriction and dieting. Focusing on the healthy habits that nourish your body instead of the ones that restrict it is essential for this to happen.

So let’s do it. Keep reading for four simple ways to get started NOT dieting today.


1. Eat more veggies

Vegetables have vitamins and minerals that your body NEEDS to perform optimally.


Eat a serving of vegetables at lunch and dinner
Upgrade: fill 1/2 your plate with veggies
Snack on cut up raw veggies & dip instead of typical cheese & crackers


2. Make a swap

Common swaps:

Swap your snack from more processed to less processed
example: Greek yogurt & berries instead of chips & dip
Switch up your morning pastry for soft boiled eggs and your favorite fruit
Drink a sparkling water instead of more sugary coffee/soda/alcohol


3. Prioritize protein

Prioritize protein at every meal. Thats it. It’s that simple.
Most of you are not eating enough protein. Protein is literally the building blocks of your physical body. Each meal should have a serving of protein. The size of your palm is a great starting point. Aim for 1-2 palm sized portions.
Pro tip – Prep it ahead of time so it’s readily available.


4. Hydrate

Water is your friend.
You need to drink it. Start with a glass every morning, as soon as you wake up.
Yes, before coffee.
Then, start including a glass of water with each meal.
And always drink water in between alcoholic beverages.


The real talk.

Good nutrition isn’t about dieting.

It’s about making healthy habits part of your life, not “your life.”

It’s about eating to nourish your body, not restrict it.

Your mindset matters, how you approach your eating matters, and your consistency matters.

Not dieting is awesome. Eating food to support your body and help it thrive instead of focusing on restrictive behaviors is the key to long-term health. Try it today.

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