Instructor Insight: Rachel Goodner

Instructor Insight: Rachel Goodner

What classes do you teach & where?
BARRE, PiYo, Sculpt, HIIT, Total Body Conditioning, WOD, Stregnth Figures 247 in Fircrest, WA.


How did you get into the fitness industry?
I was in the midst of my weight loss journey just figuring out that it was more then what my body felt like but, more of what I should and could feel like. So I was post 85 lbs and doing a lot of at home DVD workouts with a few yoga classes sprinkled in. I found that I was enjoying my workouts not because of the work itself but more the motivation & energy the instructor would provoke. There was one format in particular that really started to resonate with me, and I really started to enjoy it. I loved it so much that when it was mentioned there would be an instructor certification training, I signed up immediately. After the training I was offered an intern co-teaching position by the gym manager. I was under her guidance until one day she said the class is yours now, and dare I say the rest is now history. I still teach this format from time to time, and each time it still fills me with joy. It’s also one of the reasons I only teach what I love and enjoy. If it’s something you have to force then chances are it’s not the format for you.


What’s your one piece of advice for someone who wants to live a healthier life?
Just Start! We were born to move and find joy in that movement. If you love to dance then dance! If lifting sparks your interest then come on let’s go see what dumbbells we can move around. Just start and the rest will follow.


What’s your bucket list travel destination?
Santorini, Greece.


What’s your favorite podcast or book?
The Book of Joy


If you could bring one thing on a deserted island what would it be and why?
Sunscreen or a volleyball named Wilson.


To learn more about Rachel be sure to check her out on Instagram @sassegoodfit.

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