Introduction to Bodhi Love Yoga

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Introduction to Bodhi Love Yoga

Bodhi Love is a fusion between yoga, HIIT, and strength with elements of freeing dance movements for the perfect twerkout.This combination will awaken and fuel your true power, through strengthening your body, mindset, and self-awareness.  The purpose is to help you ignite true love for yourself and your body.

Participants can expect a mix of high energy + zen, music that instantly elevates the mood, and are encouraged to be creative and listen to their body. I have never met a person that took class and did not have fun. Class starts off slow, I take the heart rate up and down, and then we end in sweaty bliss in savasana.

The name Bodhi in Sanskrit means “enlightenment” + the word love. It is a play on words and pronounced “Body Love.” I came up with this name and class because when I was a personal trainer and athlete, I realized how many people didn’t love themselves the way I thought they should. It was eye opening to me how many people didn’t love the skin they were in. We definitely all have things we want to work on and goals, but I wanted this class to help people realize that they are amazing and enough as they are on the way to their goals. I made it my mission to create a class for people to ignite their power, confidence, and love for themselves. I combined everything I’ve learned and loved throughout my life together to create the most fun and freeing “workout experience” of your dreams.

I love to teach this class because it is so freaking fun and my passion is to help others see and reach their full potential body, mind, and soul.

Come see for yourself what Bodhi Love is all about Thursday July 28th at 7:30PM! We’ve partnered with SweatNET Charlotte to bring you a Yoga Rave version of Bodhi Love with body crystals, lasers, glow in the dark tattoos and more! Doors open at 6;45pm and we can’t wait to see you there. Mats available on a first come first serve basis.

I also teach class regularly every Tuesdsay 6:30pm at Hive and Thursdays at 7pm in Huntersville. Give me a follow and book a class here!

Rachel is a mom, teacher and yogi passionate about helping others through movement.