Is Your Daily Coffee Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Is Your Daily Coffee Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Who loves waking up in the morning with a nice, warm cup of coffee.

As a dietitian, I get asked this question all of the time!  Can I still drink my coffee?

Absolutely, my friend!  Does it bring you joy? (It brings me joy!)  Therefore, it should fit into your diet.  But if we are being real for a second, your choices could be adding 400+ calories to your diet each day (mainly from sugar and fat).

This can’t go on!  You work too hard to reach your goals, get it that good nutrition, to sabotage your efforts with one drink.  Here are some tips for navigating the coffee shop.

1) Order a smaller size.  This will save you 4 oz! That may not seem like much, but ordering a grande vanilla latte vs. a venti saves you 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 9 grams of sugar. (If you drank one everyday that would save you 490 cals/63 grams of sugar a week!). Remember those small changes add up!

2) Skip the whip- it can add ~80-110 calories depending on the drink and size.

3) Skim or almond milk have the least amount of calories so ask for your drink to be made with these (almond milk is ~30 cals/cup and skim is ~90 cals)

4) Your flavored beverage can have 3-5 pumps of flavoring depending on the size of your drink, averaging ~20 cals per pump.  So try 1-2 pumps, maybe that’s all you need!

5) You can ask for things to be made “skinny” which means low fat milk and sugar free syrup.  This is a calorie saver,  but it still gives you ~90 calories per skinny latte.

It’s best to order plain coffee or cold brew and modify what goes in.  Making it at home would save you MONEY AND CALORIES.  You could add 1-2 tbsp flavored almond milk/creamer, for example, for 25-50 calories- measuring is important but YOU are measuring.  You know exactly what’s in there and how much.   If you need more flavor (always taste it first) Add half a sweetener pack and enjoy saving the calories and your little pick-me-up!

Then enjoy your drink and conquer your day guilt-free!

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