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Being a competitive dancer at a young age, a collegiate athlete as a student, a professional athlete as an adult, and a finess competitor as a mother, I unknowling continued to seek out physical fitness and surround myself with fitness minded individual throughout different stages of my life. Not aware I was even excercising at a young age, I was just having fun! Here I am having fun again as a 40 year old mother who can pretty much outlift the dudes – kidding, kind of 🙂 Here I am, a mother of six children under age 11 spending my days at F45 Training in Mooresville, NC helping others become the healthiest, strongest version of themselves. I’m the happiest I have ever been in a career.  I am so happy I hung up my suit jacket, and laced up my Nobuls to open an F45 studio in Lake Norman.  Fingers crossed I will be opening a few more locations in the Lake Norman area in the future!

Business Location

F45 Training Langtree Lake Norman, Mecklynn Road, Mooresville, NC, USA