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Jamie Zelenski

Work hard and be nice to people



A 20-something project manager by day, fitness enthusiast by night (& before the sun comes up!) I am passionate about creating a sense of community, especially around exercise. I believe working out should be a fun way to becoming stronger, both physically and mentally, and a way to connect with others and not about fitting into a certain pant size.

I am also an instructor at the Barre Code Grand Rapids! I fell in love with the Barre Code over two years ago because of their focus on what we have to GAIN and never what we have to lose. We focus on strengthening our bodies and minds while celebrating our differences, realizing that’s what makes us unique and beautiful.

This will be my second year as a SweatNET ambassador. I am so thankful for SweatNET and this community. Not only does it keep me moving with all the fun events, but I have also made amazing friends through ambassador program. I can’t wait to see what this year will hold!


Business Location

The Barre Code Grand Rapids - Heritage Hills, Cherry Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI, USA