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Jenny Kutzner



Hi everyone! I’m Jenny Kutzner and I moved to the GR area (Ada) about 3 years ago. I was an elementary/middle school teacher, but now I am pursuing a career in real estate! I joined SweatNET last year and have thoroughly enjoyed many events and group classes despite the shut downs due to COVID.

A bit about me: I have lived in Korea, Canada, Virginia, SW Michigan (St. Joe, Berrien Springs), Oregon, and California before moving back here. Some of my favorite hobbies include hiking with my husband and 2 German Shepherds, traveling, cooking, EATING, scuba diving, canoeing, cross country skiing, modern calligraphy, macrame, and playing sports (basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, hockey, golf… pretty much any/every sport)!

I actually used to despise working out but now that I know what I like and have been consistent with it, I can’t go a day without exercising! My favorite ways to stay active are: hiking, group fitness classes, strength training, HIIT, tabata, yoga, barre, and spin. SweatNET has given me so many opportunities to explore different types of workouts and they’re always so much fun!!

I can’t wait to be more active in this amazing community and get to know more like-minded people!

Business Location

Lunar Cycle, Michigan Street Northeast, Grand Rapids, MI, USA