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Julia Ledford

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Julia Ledford

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Hi! My name is Julia Ledford and I moved to the Queen City almost 3 years ago after I graduated from Clemson University. I was an athlete my entire life. I had rowed for 11 years at the time and was looking for a sense of community and team like atmosphere here. I decided to try out to become a coach at Rowhouse Cotswold Village. Not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, I used my fun, jolly and loud voice to motivate and lead our members to push themselves to the limit.

After about 1 week, I realized I wanted to get more serious with personal training. I had found that community, team like atmosphere I was missing from my college years. I started surround myself with trainers I looked up to. I went to gyms that pushed me just so I could observe how the best trainers in Charlotte were training. Fast forward to now, I am 3 months in at Trainer F45 Indian Trail, starting my own personal training out my garage/online and Studio Manager at F45 Indian Trail. I am grateful to be able to create an environment where members and clients feel safe, encouraged and empowered.

Business Location

F45 Training Indian Trail, Old Monroe Road, Indian Trail, NC, USA