Keeping Habits With the Changing Seasons

Keeping Habits With the Changing Seasons

Fall is here, the air is cooler, the leaves are changing and pumpkin spice is everywhere!

This time of year I notice two things:

I always feel the need to do something wild and crazy to change with the vibe of the season.
My routines and habits get put on ice in the cooling, darkening days.


As the days get shorter and colder it’s easier to let ourselves off the hook and go into hibernation mode.

If you find yourself taking your foot off the gas take some time to reflect on your goals and why you want them.

Sometimes all we need to get our motivation back is set a big, crazy goal that makes us excited to leave our warm house before the sun comes up (or after it goes down).

Then find out why we want to achieve that goal. Do you want to be able to run after your kids? Take first place in a local race? Achieve a new personal best?

Your goal and your why work together to help you keep the heat up on your motivation.

Though the days are getting shorter and colder it is also the season of change and the best time to start something new and create a season of change in your own life.
Stevie is the owner of Rebel Nutrition in Beech Grove and a Pound Pro. She enjoys running, obstacle course racing and is a self proclaimed nerd. Her passion is helping other learn to live a healthy, active lifestyle on their terms.