Kicking Off My One Year Membership at Refresh Wellness

Kicking Off My One Year Membership at Refresh Wellness

My name is Sarah Ruddock and I won the one year membership at Refresh Wellness.

I’ve always been intrigued by detoxing and holistic health options, however the unknown has always held me back. Winning the membership at Refresh Wellness has already helped me change that within a few short months.

Included in the membership is one session a month, alternating between services. On my first visit I received the mineral body wrap, as well as the ionic foot soak. Walking in the door, I had no idea what to expect but the owner, Andrea helped me feel comfortable and welcome. The body wrap was first and by the time Andrea was done wrapping me I looked like a mummy. I regret not taking a picture! By the time I was finished I felt relaxed and immediately understood why the business is called REFRESH Wellness. Secondly, I received the ionic foot soak which relaxed me even further. The water turns different colors based on what you’re detoxing from. Mine turned a pale yellow, which means I was detoxing from my kidney, bladder or reproductive system. 

During my second visit, in February I did the infrared sauna and red light therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first month’s session. However these services were my favorite. I came straight from a stressful day at work and was able to relax. As a person who has never used even a regular sauna, I wasn’t sure my body could withstand the heat, but it was perfect. The combination of the heat, the smell of what seemed to be cedar in the sauna and the subtle music playing was the most relaxed I felt in a long time. I was able to meditate and clear my mind and I truly didn’t want it to end. This, with the red light therapy combo made my skin feel noticeably smoother, with a more even tone the very next day.

I’ve suffered from migraines and tension headaches for almost 20 years, and each visit I’ve gone in with my head pounding, likely from stress. However, when I leave the pain is reduced and manageable. My next visit to Refresh Wellness is in mid-March and I’m already looking forward to it! I’m so happy to have won through the SweatNET GR giveaway.

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