Kicking Off My One Year Membership – DI

Kicking Off My One Year Membership – DI

Hello lovely sweatNET peeps!

My name is Emily & I have had the opportunity to sweat at D1 for a couple of months now. All I have to say are positive things about the facility & coaches!

So far I have spent my time in the Bootcamp class. I absolutely love the variety of the workouts. Whether it’s the exercise equipment/movement, the duration/type of work out, or if it’s an individual/team work out, you can count on never being bored! Also, the training area/equipment is updated & clean, which is always a plus.

Additionally, I like how each day has a theme. Wednesday, whole body work out, is my personal favorite day🤗 But,  I definitely need to spend more of my time on Thursday, heart rate acceleration day😅. Over the next few months I plan to expand my workouts to include the Hybrid class, so I’ll keep you updated on that!

Each and every coach at D1 is full of energy and are great motivators. They emphasize the importance of refueling your body after your workout (i.e. sleep & good food), which is always a good reminder for me🙈

Thank you SO much for this opportunity sweatNET. Stay tuned!

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