Kicking Off My One Year Membership-The Dailey Method Eastown

Kicking Off My One Year Membership-The Dailey Method Eastown

Before winning a one-year membership to The Dailey Method Eastown through SweatNET, I was stuck in a workout rut.  I was going through the motions, but I was bored and unmotivated to push myself harder.  When I found out I had won the giveaway, I was hopeful that this would be the kickstart I needed to re-energize my workouts, and I was right!  Now, I go into every class at TDM feeling excited and motivated, and I leave feeling strong, empowered, and accomplished.

I was a little nervous before my first cycle class, but from the moment I walked through the door, I could tell that this was an accepting and encouraging community.  The front desk worker greeted me with a big smile, gave me a tour of the studio, and helped me get set up on my bike.  Throughout the class, the instructor did a great job of explaining how everything works on the bike, how to achieve proper form, and how much we should be pushing ourselves to get the most out of the workout.  I left that class a red-faced, sweaty mess, and I was immediately hooked.  Ever since then, I have left every class feeling like it’s the best workout I’ve ever had.

One of the things I love most about TDM is the energy, whether it’s from the instructors, the other members, or the positive messages on the board.  Every time I go, my mood is immediately improved because everyone there truly seems happy and excited to be there.  A sense of camaraderie is built when we are pushing ourselves and each other and sweating our butts off together, and even as a newbie, I feel a sense of belonging.  Even during the classes, that energy is reinforced.  The rides are always focused on self-love, focusing on your ‘why’, and finding your inner strength.  I’ve never really been big into group classes, but now I find myself excited to go to class and be surrounded by others who share the same passion for personal growth.

As the year progresses, I hope to keep up this momentum of building my strength and pushing myself harder.  I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with The Dailey Method Eastown, and I am excited to see how much I can grow.

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