Kicking Off My One Year Membership – TRV|FIT SW Grand Rapids

Kicking Off My One Year Membership – TRV|FIT SW Grand Rapids

I was the lucky one who won the one-year membership with TRV|FIT (SW Grand Rapids)! Before starting at TRV|FIT, I was really lacking motivation to get to the gym and really push myself. As a former college athlete, I was used to pushing myself through grueling workouts with the comradery of your team grinding alongside of you. That’s one reason I was excited for the bootcamp class style of TRV|FIT. I was hoping that this would be the way I could challenge myself and get back to the strength and endurance I used to have when I was playing sports.

When I went to my first class, I was immediately greeted not just by the owner Kailey who broke down what the class was going to be like but also by the instructor Kelsey and by many people in the class. I felt so welcomed which if you’ve ever been nervous to go to a new gym for the first time, is a big deal. I was going to be taking a SWEAT class that night which is a HIIT class. Kelsey kicked off the class by going through the different set of timed compound movements we’d be doing for the 30 or so minute workout which focused on fat loss and toning. I was excited to try it out and oh man did it exceed all of my expectations. It was incredibly challenging, but the 30 minutes flew by. Every person in the class was encouraging each other along with Kelsey who also was giving out tips and making sure everyone had proper form. It felt like those college softball workouts again and I loved it.

Since then I’ve had the chance to take TRV|X signature class and a GRIT class. TRV|X is a happy medium of muscular endurance building strength training and cardio. I’ve done things from bike sprints, burpees, and wall balls to kettlebell swings, dumbbell presses, and pullups. It is HARD but I feel so accomplished after. GRIT is a full body strength training program where you go through a whole boy push/pull workout. It includes more traditional weightlifting exercises while still focusing on keeping your heart rate elevated. I’ve really enjoyed this class as it has given me more confidence when I’m lifting on my own at the gym with what movements to do and how to do them properly.

Besides the amazing, challenging workouts, the welcoming and helpful staff, and the encouraging and friendly members there’s a few other things I’ve been loving. For one, after every workout each member grabs cleaning wipes and wipes down every piece of equipment. If you knew how dirty normal gyms are, you’d really appreciate this one – especially during cold and flu season. Secondly, the space is awesome. They have different segments of the gym so you can bike, lift free weights, use the turf, weightlift with barbells, and even box! It’s so clean and appealing. Lastly, they have a variety of classes each day and offer a kid space so parents can still get their workout in.

Over the next few weeks/months I hope to continue to build my strength and endurance back to my athlete days. I also am planning on running the 25k River Bank Run (first time running an actual race!), and my knees can’t take traditional race training. I hope the endurance building I get from the different classes TRV|FIT SW Grand Rapids has will aid in my race training. I’m most excited to try a boxing class soon! I’ve never been to a boxing class and have always wanted to! I couldn’t be happier with how my first few weeks have been and can’t wait for more classes there!

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