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My name is Lauren Gaytan, and I was born and raised in Grand Rapids. I have always been active, but reignited my love for all things fit upon living in Royal Oak about 8 years ago. Since moving back to Grand Rapids 5 years ago, this ever evolving journey has continued.

I like to consider myself a body in motion, enjoying all different types of activities. I love to go running with my husky Apollo, swim laps at the YMCA, hike through the great trails the mitten state has to offer, and attend a variety of different classes about town.

There is nothing better than stepping outside your comfort zone, completing a workout and being surrounded by positive like-minded people throughout it. Making a point to enjoy the body that we are blessed to have and improve its function through movement each day, making lasting friendships along the way.

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Mary Free Bed YMCA, Burton Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI, USA