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Lexi Van Dusen



As a student physical therapist, I am beyond grateful to constantly learn about the human body and ways to help it function better. My clinical rotations have taught me that our bodies can be resilient some days, yet require extensive rest and recovery on others. With any type of recovery, personal relationships and a sense of community means everything!

With this in mind, I am ecstatic to be an ambassador for SweatNET, where I get to help bring amazing people together who enjoy the FUN in health, wellness, and exercise. Although I don’t work at a studio or host my own events, I find so much joy in spreading the word and creating a welcoming environment at each event. I truly leave every sweat sesh with a huge smile on my face. You’ll find me at a wide range of sweat events around GR, with my favorites involving anything outdoors or a solid vinyasa flow!

Business Location

Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences (CHS), Michigan Street Northeast, Grand Rapids, MI, USA