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My name is Lisa Neale and I am a yoga instructor and content creator. I discovered Sweatnet through Instagram and I had to jump on the ambassador application. This is such a wonderfully strategic platform to grow the fitness community in our area as well as offering a platform to your ambassadors to grow their network.

A little about me:

I was a gymnast and cheerleader from the day I could walk. I remember as a child, stacking all of the couch cushions we had on top of one another to then front flip and stick the landing. Once I showed my parents, they put me in the gym and I never left!

Since then, I became a coach, gym director and judge for several years. I enjoyed coaching so much and being able to take the important life lessons I learned from these sports and implement them for my athletes.

This fulfilled me for a while, until my world was shaken from my mother’s passing. She was my best friend and we shared the love for gymnastics and cheerleading. Continuing to coach after her death became more emotional and triggering than fulfilling.

I realized I needed more. I needed to find a new, impactful medium that will give others the solace that even on the worst days of your life, better days will soon come, like yin and yang (as much as I dislike the concept of duality).

I have worked hard to transition from coaching to teaching yoga, and not only yoga Asana, but the philosophy and life lessons Yoga invites the practitioner to cultivate. I have since been teaching/impacting for a year and have found a deeper understand of my path. I primarily teach mindfulness and embodied yoga.

I have a strong background in kinesiology having studied it in school and coaching for 10 years on sports that require a deep understanding of the human body and the way it’s able to move. Utilizing this knowledge and having competed in five bodybuilding competitions, I also offer mobility focused training for weightlifters and progressive power flows. I currently teach at Your Karma Yoga Studio, Ahlara International, Flex Fitness & Health and Tejas Yoga Lab.

I have experience working in social media marketing for about 6 years now, both professional and personal. When I decided to become a yoga teacher a year ago, I also decided to also start my social media from scratch. Since then, I have received more reach and engagement than I ever have before.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several companies on this journey, such as: Natural Cycles, Oura, Babe Original and Thrive Market, to name the current partnerships. I have been actively learning new strategies to grow my audience and I have been looking for an outlet that will better assist me in sharing my passions. I would love to be considered for a partnership with Sweatnet.

All the best,

Lisa Neale

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