The 15 Minute Workout for People of All Ages and Fitness Levels

The 15 Minute Workout for People of All Ages and Fitness Levels

Manduu is a low-impact, resistance training workout that blends health, science, and technology into an efficient and effective way to build and tone muscle.  Building muscle helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat. This can aid in preventing diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  Manduu is the first FDA-cleared electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training program in the US.


Let’s dive right into Manduu and how it works!

How does Manduu Work?

EMS strength training operates on the principle that electricity powers the human body.  Using the EMS machine, over 95% of muscle fiber can be activated; traditional weightlifting can only activate 65% of your muscle. Instead of waiting for your brain to send an electrical signal to a muscle telling it to contract, Manduu uses a specially designed suit fitted with carbon fiber electrodes to generate a low-level electrical impulse for you.  The impulse contracts your muscles and creates resistance, so muscle is built by working against the resistance.

What to Expect During Your EMS Workout

Each session begins by changing into our workout clothes, a specially designed pants and t-shirt set, which fits under the technical suit. After running your InBody scan, your trainer will wet down the electrodes on the suit and get you strapped in.

Your trainer will then connect your technical suit to the EMS machine.  He or she will lead you and at most one other person through a series of stretching and flexing movements uniquely designed to help you reach your fitness goals.  A Manduu workout is ultra-low impact, and there is no strain on joints, tendons, or ligaments.

The machine will generate a mild electrical pulse that will feel like a buzzing in the nine major muscle groups covered by the electrodes. Working against the pulse should feel difficult, like you are moving through molasses or mud.  During your workout your trainer will continually assess how hard you are working and ask for feedback to determine if you can take more resistance.  Each workout is infinitely customizable to your own personal fitness goals.

Benefits of Manduu EMS Workouts

Manduu saves time – a 15-minute workout offers the benefits of several hours in the gym.
Manduu builds muscle, which increases metabolism and reduces fat.
Stronger muscles create stronger bones, so bone density increases and the risk of osteoporosis decreases.
EMS can stimulate the deep abdominal muscles which strengthen your core and helps with back pain. The stabilizing muscles which improve posture and balance are also strengthened using EMS.
EMS workouts create joint stability which reduces injury.
Manduu helps improve performance in other activities, like tennis and golf, as well as basic functions like lifting and walking.
Manduu tones and builds muscle so your clothes fit better and you look better!

Muscle loss is a natural part of aging. We start losing muscle by age 30.  It’s possible to lose 40% of your muscle mass between our 20’s and 80’s.  However, maintaining a sufficient level of muscle, through resistance training, can help us stay healthy as we age, and it’s never too late to start! Claim your free first session at
Marsha has always been a big fitness enthusiast! Having seven knee surgeries in five years led her to look for a low-impact workout that was really effective. Manduu has given her back her strength, joint stability, loss of 15 lbs of fat and 32% reduction of visceral fat! She can’t wait to share Manduu with you!