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Marissa Venanzi



My name is Marissa and I have a HUGE passion for fitness, community, and making sure that all of the people in my life are happy and healthy in all aspects!  I am a collegiate cheer captain, have been a competitive dancer my entire life, a certified spin instructor, and am in love with yoga (especially hot yoga), lifting, and trying new workouts!  I am also a Pre-PA student, pursuing my goal of encouraging health and wellness to my community.

Aside from fitness and health, I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and forming new friendships/connections.  I am so thankful for SweatNetPGH and all of the incredible people it has allowed me to meet and for all of the incredible people I will meet through the common interest of fitness & bettering ourselves!  Let’s SWEAT together!!

Business Location

6YCLE, Georgetown Road, Canonsburg, PA, USA