McDaniel Nutrition Therapy

McDaniel Nutrition Therapy

While trained as nutrition experts, the dietitians at McDaniel Nutrition Therapy recognize health isn’t just dictated by what you put into your body.

“There is a lot of nutrition education but I think it’s more about habit settings,” said Jennifer McDaniel, owner and founder of McDaniel Nutrition. “It’s also about how well you’re sleeping, how you’re managing your stress … all of these things go together.”

McDaniel and her fellow expert dietitians specialize in personalized and tailored nutrition for general wellness, disease management, weight loss, sports nutrition, family nutrition, and corporate wellness.

Patients can work individually with the dietitians in their St. Louis-based office or connect virtually over the phone or online. During the initial consultation, the dietitians will listen and truly try to understand their patients’ individual needs and goals.

“They think it’s going to be so restrictive … and that’s not our philosophy. We’re all big on balance, intuition, and things like that,” said registered dietician Nikki Finkenthal. “You got to find what works best for you. So, finding that individualized and balanced approach to nutrition and whole-body wellness and health is what makes us different and super successful.”

McDaniel Nutrition offers cutting-edge assessments such as genetic testing, which focuses on 30 different variants in one’s genes that have nutrition outcomes (e.g. caffeine metabolism).

McDaniel explained that she is a slow metabolizer of caffeine, based upon her genetics. Since caffeine stays in her body longer, she is at a higher risk of a non-fatal heart attack if she has more than two to three cups of caffeine a day.

In order to make that meaningful data more widely available to others, McDaniel Nutrition Therapy recently made the decision to take insurance.

“I think of our practice as concierge dietitians because we have high-level master degree training, we have certifications, we put so much into our clients,” McDaniel said. “So it is an experience in getting to work with one of the dietitians from our team but I wanted to make that affordable for people too … so and that allowed us to give our dietitians access to a larger demographic.”

McDaniel Nutrition was awarded the Missouri Dietitian of the year in 2015 as well as A-List Dietitian by St. Louis Magazine in 2014 and in 2021.

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