Meet the Owners of F45 Training South End

Meet the Owners of F45 Training South End

Owner of F45 Training South End, Erin Dunaway, shares her experience owning and operating a gym and how starting her own gym has impacted her and the members she gets to encounter day in and day out.

Hi! My name is Erin Dunaway and I own and manage F45 Training South End Charlotte with my husband,

I have always had a passion for fitness stemming from sports as a kid and then building friendships as an
adult. In 2019, I decided to transition from my corporate job and start my own gym – instead of being a
part of the fitness communities I had grown to love, I wanted to create one. Wes supported my
transition, and we began looking for the right opportunity. After evaluating our options, we both chose
F45. We loved the formats – cardio different from what we had previously experienced and strength
training to broaden our routines. We loved the unique formats and that we could do the program every
single day. After managing the start-up process and COVID delays, F45 South End opened in June of

Wes enjoys coaching in the morning and then heading to his full-time job as the Vice President of Pre-
Construction. I coach more mornings and mid-day and manage the day-to-day studio operations as
Studio Manager and Head Trainer. Our dinners, dates, and brunches are centered on making F45 South
End the best experience it can be.

We understand that people come to us because they want our help to reach a certain goal, but often
times, taking the first step and showing up is the hardest part. So, our goal is to make everything else as
easy as possible. We do this by welcoming newcomers and making them feel included right away,
providing fun and constantly varying workouts, and celebrating the small achievements. By setting the
tone with the team, we’ve been able to build a membership base that is full of super supportive people
who recognize everyone is at a different point on their journey. Most importantly, they all share the
common goal of bettering their lives. The only time they will be uncomfortable is when we are pushing
them to get in one more rep. When the workout is done, our trainers will extend their hand to help
them up off the floor, and they’ll high-five everyone as they leave, calling them by name. We are one
big family!

Come check us out! We look forward to coaching you and sweating with you soon.
Hi! My name is Erin and I am the Owner and Head Trainer of F45 Training South End Charlotte. I was born and raised in Gastonia, NC and have always had a passion for fitness! As I moved around over the past 10 years, I always found my community through the fitness industry. After settling back in Charlotte, I knew that my dream would be to ultimately own a gym and create that community for others.