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Born in Southern California, I started out life pursuing a career in professional ballet. At 18, I moved to NYC to pursue my dance career, but was quickly won over by the magical worlds of burlesque and sideshow. Sparking a new passion, I found quick success in the world of performance art, adopted the artist name, “Clea Cutthroat”, and never looked back. After accepting an offer to perform for the Berlin Film Festival, I fell in love with Europe, and decided to make the move to Berlin, Germany in 2006.

About 11 years later, and after spending over a decade touring the world as a performer, I found myself full circle back in New York City, and in 2018 I eventually found my way to Pittsburgh.

In 2019, I became a Certified Personal Trainer thru NASM, and in 2020 I completed my Certification as a Nutrition Coach.

I currently coach at Elevate Fusion Fitness ( Boxing & Versaclimber), as well as having a full roster of personal training clients.  I also coach special group fitness classes, coach online, and I started Pittsburgh’s very own Halloween themed “Boneyard Bootcamp” during the Summer of 2020.




Business Location

Elevate Fusion Fitness, Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA