New CLT Juice Company!

New CLT Juice Company!


Paul and Dallas are the founders of PlantFolk Juice Co; There story begins in the midst of a pandemic where they found each other and the passion that turned into a flourishing juice company.

Paul is originally from Charlotte and moved to Miami for a few years to pursue a career in modeling. Soon after his career took him to Los Angeles where the connection between food and wellness came to light. Paul spent his years traveling and exploring the depths of each culture he came across making lasting impressions and connections around the world3. Paul is often described as the “most social person in the room.” He cares about the planet and the people who inhabit it and wishes to love the people through lots of laughs, and endless adventures. Because of the pandemic, Paul decided to quarantine with his family in Charlotte where soon after he met Dallas. Dallas grew up in Palm Beach, Florida, where her passion for health originated. She remembers watching her mom gather herbs and veggies from the garden to cook for dinner and that was the most inspired she had felt. Becoming more curious about the connection between food and health, Dallas decided to take several Matthew Kenney workshops and packed her bags to stay in Bali to study plant-based cooking. A year later, Dallas landed in Charlotte where she worked side by side with Chef Carla Sinteff of Sprouts in Gastonia.

Now for a little love story…
Early 2020 Paul met Dallas in Charlotte. Later, they decided to move Paul back to Charlotte from California and drove across the US on the ultimate test of love adventure. Surpassing the expectations they took their relationship a step further and moved in together. With Dallas’s knowledge of health and Paul’s connections to the Charlotte area they decided to cultivate a business that would be exemplary of their lifestyle and let cold-pressed juice be the focal point. Juicing has allowed them to meet some of the health conscious people of Charlotte and has given them the ability to educate people on what juice is and why it’s so good for you. They hope to meet you and let them inspire you to live full of passion and love!

To order DM us @plantfolkwellness on instagram where we will send you our current menu! All Sweatnet members will receive a free juice after every purchase of two!

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