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I Help You Find The Way That WORKS
My coaching program is the perfect solution for the busy and ambitious military woman.  I help my clients overcome the self-doubt and stress they experience as they navigate their life in the military, finding time to lose weight on-duty and off-duty, and trying their best to keep the weight from coming back so as not to repeat the process all over again.

How Does It Work?
I exclusively work one-on-one with military women who are serious about their weight loss.

This is not another diet, so I’m not for everyone since I don’t provide a generic quick fix.

There are many ways to lose weight in the military. But as equal as we all are in the eyes of Uncle Sam, in the end, only one way will truly work… the one that’s individualized and suited just for you.

Together, through private coaching calls and direct online access to me throughout the week, we will design a customized protocol that is adapted to your personal health goals and your daily challenges – in uniform and out of uniform.  There is no shame or judgement here.

What if you had a coach who understands the physical science and the mental strategies behind weight loss who is fully aware of your daily military duties, responsibilities, and requirements, and who is expertly equipped to effectively handle your mental blocks and emotional struggles?

Business Location

Nashville, TN, USA