Organic Food is Better for Your Health & Environment

Organic Food is Better for Your Health & Environment

Organic agriculture means using cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biological diversity.

Since the beginning, organic agriculture has been based on the principle of sustainability. This means that many farmers add organic matter, soil microbes, and soil invertebrates that will naturally increase over time and create rich healthy soil that will help their crops better fight off drought, diseases, and insects. No need for harmful pesticides! If you are interested in Organic Foods and ways to live a healthier lifestyle you may also be interested in learning how to start health and wellness affiliate programs!


There are a few other ways farmers protect against pests and diseases while avoiding harmful pesticides. Having a well-designed and healthy organic system that will naturally have fewer pest problems (by using crop rotation, intercropping, or resistant varieties) is their first go-to move. If pests are still a problem, their second line of defense is to use mechanical and physical practices (like burning crop residues, mulching, introducing insect predators) and non-synthetic/natural materials. The final line of defense against pest control is to use biologicals and botanicals to control pests.

Biologicals and botanicals are pesticides derived from natural materials or living organisms and are allowed in organic production as long as they do not contain synthetic additives or are not prohibited on the national list of unapproved pesticides. Think compounds derived from plants with unique bug-repelling properties, minerals (like sulfur, copper, clay), and pheromones.


Not only are USDA-certified organic fruits & veggies better for the environment, they may also have a higher nutrient content than conventional produce!

With no harmful pesticides or fertilizers, plants boost their own natural production of phytochemicals in order to strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds. Why does that matter? Because phytochemicals are the vitamins & antioxidants that our body needs!

The harmful pesticides and chemicals used on most conventional produce are extremely toxic and poisonous to the body. Long-term harmful pesticide exposure can have very serious and negative effects on our health! When you eat organic, you are reducing your risk of developing health problems and you’re also filling your body with the best, most nutritious food possible.

You can rest assured knowing that everything on our menu is USDA-certified organic and designed to give your body something truly healthy.