Pulse It Out with Barre3

Pulse It Out with Barre3

I took my very first barre class with Caroline from Barre3, and if you are wanting a nice booty for summer, Caroline is your gal!

I was honestly a little skeptical about taking a barre class because I figured it would be a lot of ballet, and I don’t think anyone would enjoy seeing me trying to do that! The only thing close to ballet in this class was sumo squats. And if you aren’t convinced that sumo squats will give you that nice booty, try PULSING in that position over and over again. I felt the burn not even 15 minutes into the class, but it was just what I needed after a long week!

Caroline was super friendly and great to be around, and made all of the first timers feel very welcomed. Take it from someone who’s never taken a barre class before, don’t underestimate this form of exercise! With cardio and strength training involved, I got a very good total body workout. The strength training was incorporated using a resistance band to help us target our upper body and our glutes.

One thing that this class taught me, you do NOT need a whole bunch of equipment to get a good body burn!

The resistance band is easy to use, and you can do SO many different things with it. You might think, “Oh, a resistance band isn’t going to do much for me”….. Move those hands a little close together, and your mind will change very quickly.

Barre3 make it is so much more than just exercising though. It’s actually really fun! Great music, great people around you, and an amazing instructor that just makes you happy to be there. You can’t ask for much more!