Q&A With Lindsay Kober, Owner of Move With Me Studio: How This New Business is Conquering Quarantine

Q&A With Lindsay Kober, Owner of Move With Me Studio: How This New Business is Conquering Quarantine

Move With Me Studio, founded by SweatNET Pittsburgh Ambassador, Lindsay Kober, is the latest fitness studio to hit Pittsburgh. Built on the belief that movement is for life, Lindsay’s goal is to teach physical and mental wellbeing for the long run.

Offering personal training, partner training, and group classes – there’s something for everyone at Move With Me Studio!

Come sweat with the Move With Me community when the doors open on January 4th!

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I love the name Move With Me – it’s simple, welcoming, and inclusive. What’s the inspiration behind your brand?

Thank you! I wanted to create a brand that was exactly that- welcoming and inclusive. I believe that movement looks different for everybody, but I want to help people find that style of movement that’s going to work for them! I want people to come to MWMS excited, I want them to leave in a better mood, I want them to feel stronger, to feel accomplished, and to feel like they want to move and want to come back!

Obviously, you’re the definition of #bodygoals. How long have you been a personal trainer, and what motivates you to show up for yourself every day?

You’re too sweet! I started my career in personal training in 2015 and haven’t wanted to change that since! I truly am motivated by my clients… One of my mottos is “I will never make you do anything that I wouldn’t do.” I do every single class I teach; I always have, and I always will because I truly believe in what I am coaching, and I try my best to lead by example. If my clients are willing to show up for themselves, I’m going to show up for myself.

Having worked in gyms for years, I’m sure you’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. What makes Move With Me Studio unique?

This is HUGE for me. Move With Me Studio is a small personal studio that I am starting on my own so I am determined to always remember where I came from and remember how important the community was in helping me get to this point. The majority of my clientele has been with me for 4 years now and I make it a priority to get to know every single member I work with. This definitely isn’t a studio you’re going to come in and out of quietly- our community is everything and you’re going to end up making friends! My clients are definitely more than just clients for me! Oh….. and I’m a serious stickler for doing things right so you’ll slowly learn to love my corrections :)

What kind of classes and training will you offer?

MWMS will have personal training and group training options. The group training option is called STUDIO SWEAT! The workouts follow a schedule of upper dominant day, lower dominant day, full-body day, and repeat! The workouts are always changing and will incorporate both strength and cardio. The studio has free weights, TRX, ropes, kettlebells, and more to give you a wide variety!

For those not ready to be back in the studio, how can people access your workouts from home?

MWMS actually began because of my home workout program back in March! We are now on week 40 and it’s been so helpful and motivating for me through the shutdown! I do the home workouts every day and they will be similar to the ones in the studio, only the home program only requires dumbbells, and, in the studio, we have a wide range of equipment to use. The home workouts are written out and you are given a video demonstration of all moves to complete on your own time. You can access them on our Facebook, Instagram, and google drive, and once enrolled, you get access to all previous workouts and 5 new workouts a week!

When COVID-19 hit, every business had to pivot. What’s one thing you’ve learned over these past few months?

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that nothing is certain, and life is short. If there is one thing I have always believed and it’s only strengthened in the last few months, is that you need to prioritize the things that you CAN control. Fitness is a blessing, nutrition is healing, and your health is worth fighting for. You have control over your daily actions, so treat your body well and move :)

How can people reach you and join the Move With Me community?

I cannot wait to grow the Move With Me Community!!!!! Email movewithmestudio@gmail.com for any questions or if you’re interested in trying a class! I will be able to help you find the option best for you :)

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