ReBuilt Meals Is Improving Its Meal Packaging!

ReBuilt Meals Is Improving Its Meal Packaging!

ReBuilt Meals, the premier food delivery service in Florida, has an exciting announcement: we are going greener than ever by switching to an even better container for our meals!

We’ve always been dedicated to providing our customers with environmentally friendly packaging products, and our current trays are no exception — they are reusable, recyclable, and free of toxic chemicals. Despite all that, we’ve always felt we could do a better job when it comes to how we package our delicious meals and the impact they have on the environment.

With that in mind, we’ve done plenty of research over the last few months and have finally found a worthy replacement for our containers.
Hello, Go Green Containers
ReBuilt Meals will be doing away with the food containers we’ve been using in favor of a much better alternative, the Go Green container. Manufactured by a fantastically eco-conscious company in Wisconsin called CPT, Go Green containers have a number of features we think will fit in perfectly with our company’s ethos:

They are 100% recyclable
They create up to 50% less scrap than normal plastic trays
They have a reduced carbon footprint of 28%
They are reheatable and microwavable
They are lightweight and take up less space than comparable trays

The new containers will be available in single- and double-compartment designs, allowing us to separate portions depending on the meal components.

With Go Green containers, we are furthering our dedication to a cleaner world by using an environmentally safe product that will continue to provide our customers with the same level of service and quality they’ve come to expect from ReBuilt Meals.

Goodbye, Plastic Lids
The plastic lids from our current containers will no longer be sticking around. Instead, we’ve decided to use a specialized, environmentally friendlier cellophane film that will reduce material use on our end by almost 95%.  It will also mean less waste being thrown into local landfills. Hooray for progress!
Vacuum-Sealed Meals
Along with the inclusion of new packaging and improved lidding, we are introducing an ingenious sealing system that will have numerous benefits for our meal prep customers. Called reduced oxygen packaging, this special vacuum system works by removing the oxygen from our food prep containers in order to drastically slow spoilage and keep our meals fresher for longer.

Heating a vacuum-sealed container is effortless: simply put it into your microwave or oven, hit the timer, and wait a few minutes for your meal to come out hot and ready to eat. You don’t even have to poke holes in the lid — just peel back a corner for air flow, and the container does the rest.

Once you get one of our meals delivered to your home, you’ll be able to keep it in your fridge unopened for up to ten days! Your meal will be fresher and last longer — what could be better than that?
Peace Of Mind For Our Customers
You can rest assured knowing that the new changes to our packaging process will not negatively impact the quality of your order from ReBuilt Meals — on the contrary, not only will you be getting a meal delivered to your doorstep that is fresher and tastier, but you’ll be helping us engage in an improved meal preparation and delivery process that minimizes our environmental impact. Eat with pride!

ReBuilt Meals Can Help You With The Bigger Food Projects
For those moments when you can actually sit down with your family to enjoy a complete dinner, trust food delivery service ReBuilt Meals to send you a fresh, nutritious alternative to cooking at home. With a menu that includes vegan meals, keto dishes, and gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free offerings, you’re guaranteed to find something delicious and filling for all the members of your family.

It’s easy enough to get started; just pick out a plan here, and ReBuilt Meals will prepare your meals fresh and deliver them right to your doorstep.

You can trust ReBuilt Meals with your dietary needs! Visit our website to find out more.

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