Recover at Restore Upper St Clair

Recover at Restore Upper St Clair

You’re on a mission to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Whether that means
daily gym time, a power yoga class or a restorative stretch, eating well, or going for a long run on a
peaceful trail, you make it a priority to take care of your body.
Pittsburgh’s Restore makes it their mission to help you do just that by making Hyper Wellness® widely
accessible and affordable, enabling their clients to do more of what they love.
Founded in 2015, Restore is the market leader in one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare. The
company helps people in need of chronic pain management, accelerated injury recovery, improved
athletic performance and health span longevity. To achieve this, they offer a range of services that
include everything from cryotherapy to IV therapy.
No matter your goals, Restore can help you achieve them through a multitude of services, including:

Whole Body Cryotherapy: A maximum 3-minute service that reduces inflammation, boosts endorphins,
burns 500-800 calories, increases the body’s collagen production, and helps improve sleep.

Local Cryotherapy: Known as the ice pack on steroids, local cryotherapy is a great option for people who
prefer to spot treat in one specific area of their body. This service is about 10 to 15 minutes, just as you
would ice an injury.

Compression Therapy: This modality increases blood flow and circulation, promotes healing and
recovery, and decreases muscle fatigue after exercise. Similar to compression socks, compression
therapy works wonders at elevating soreness after a workout and pulling fluid from extremities.
Infrared Sauna: Different from a traditional sauna, the infrared sauna is set at a much lower
temperature, provides a dry heat and is operated by infrared panels designed to heat you from the
inside out. For most people who use this service, it’s much more comfortable than a traditional sauna,
enabling a longer stay. It’s a great way to detox the body and get the heart pumping, similar to a HIIT

Photobiomodulation, or PBM: If you’ve lived in Pittsburgh for an extended amount of time, you likely
are familiar with its somewhat gloomy days, having recently been ranked as the fourth gloomiest city in
the United States. PBM combats that gloominess by working on a cellular level to produce ATP within
the body, thus producing more Vitamin D, which gives us that happy, uplifting feeling that we normally
get from the sun. PBM is an effective way to ease the effects of seasonal affective disorder.
Stretch Therapy: A great way to increase flexibility and mobility, stretch therapy is performed by
mobility specialists who begin each session by warming the muscles with a hyper volt massage gun. They
then move the body through a series of stretches and movements. Available in 30, 45 and 60-minute

IV Drip Therapy: This service involves administering essential vitamins, minerals and hydration, delivered
intraveneously. The benefits? 100 percent bioavailability directly to the bloodstream, compared to 15 to
20 percent when taken orally. Experience near immediate results!

Hyperbaric Oxygen: A noninvasive therapy, hyperbaric oxygen involves the user lying in a pressurized
chamber while breathing 90 to 95 percent oxygen. With more oxygen, all of the cells in the body can
produce energy more effectively, enabling the body to heal itself in profound ways. Hyperbaric oxygen

therapy has been shown to heal traumatic brain injuries, help fight cancer, and heal tissue that is
generally slow to recover.

Hydrafacial: This therapy serves to cleanse, extract and hydrate and was designed to be a quick, but
efficient, way to extract the dirt and grime, slough off dead skin and rough texture, leaving the face with
that signature hydrafacial glow.

Cryoskin: This slimming, toning and facial service is designed to target troublesome areas of fat, reduce
fine lines and wrinkles, reduce cellulite, and boost collagen production.
One of the most popular services at Restore is the IV Drip Therapy.
“We offer pre-made drips for immune support, energy, weight management, detoxification, anti-aging,
recovery, beauty, stress management, allergies, and more, that take the thinking out of the process and
help make coming in the fire time less intimidating” said Emily Ehlert, Restore general manager. “You
don’t have to know what you want when you come in. The nurse will help educate you on the different
vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All drips are customizable, so if you do our micronutrient test to see
what you are deficient in, then your drip can be tailored to what your body needs.”
One IV Drip Therapy, in particular, the Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) plays an important
role in regulating biological and physiological functions, mainly metabolism and cellular repair.
“Our NAD+ drip gives the bod a jumpstart to help repair the body the most natural and safest way,”
Emily explained. “NAD+ rejuvenates the mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells, which slows the
aging process at a cellular level. This particular drip helps the body “clean house” of damaged cells and
provides a cellular health reset.

As a special perk to SweatNET Pittsburgh members, Restore offers 50 percent off of the first Restore or
Wellness service, and 20 percent off of the first aesthetic service such as Hydrafacial or Cryoskin.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday: Noon to 4 pm
Phone: (412) 409-2890
Website:, or find the Pittsburgh (Upper St. Clair) location on the MindBody app.
Walk-ins are welcome!
Curious about what Restore does? Stop by to talk to someone or ask for a tour!