Recover to Keep Moving at the Athlete Recovery Lounge

Whether you are a Weekend Warrior or a seasoned athlete, you likely are familiar with the aches and
pains that are all-to-often associated with that “all or nothing” style of workout. Beyond stretching and
self-care, there is another option that can help you work through those aches and pains and recover
safely and effectively, keeping you ready for your next workout, while decreasing the likelihood of
The Athlete Recovery Lounge, located two minutes off of the Wilkinsburg exit of the Parkway East,
offers an array of services to keep you healthy and feeling your best. From red light therapy, cold tubs
and hot tubs, compression therapy and infrared sauna, you can find it at the Athlete Recovery Lounge.
“Our Lounge is membership-based, which allows our clients to experience the freedom of trying all
recovery services at any time,” said Mandy Zimmerman, DC, “Dr. Mandy,” owner of the Lounge. “Our
members have unlimited access to a wide array of services that will help them maintain their health and
keep them active.”
These services include:
Clearlight Infrared Sauna: Increased circulation, which improves range of motion, allowing ou to not only
feel like you just took a 90 minute hot yoga class, but also detoxes the lymphatic system.
Joovv Red Light (PhotoBioModulation Therapy): Allows for increased Vitamin D absorption, increased
production of feel good hormones, decreases the likelihood of seasonal affective disorder, stimulates
hormonal production and helps with skin conditions such as eczema.
ColdTub cold tub: This is set from 42 to 46 degrees and produces decreased inflammation post-training.
It is a great modality for preventing future injuries and helps with immunity. Reap the benefits in just
three minutes.
Hot Tub: The hot tub is set at 100 to 103 degrees and allows your muscles to completely relax.
Experience better mobility and mental health after just six to 10 minutes in the hot tub.
Normatec Compression Therapy: This modality acts as a pump system for your veins. Whether you are
training, standing or sitting all day, the heart can pump fresh blood to our extremities, but the veins
have to deliver that deoxygenated blood back to the heart to repeat the process. The veins do not have
pump, however, and have to fight gravity unless you are sleeping or laying down. These compression
therapy pumps allow that deoxygenated blood to pump back to the heart, leading to faster recovery.
Fifteen minutes in the therapy boots is equivalent to about three hours of sleep or laying flat.
Hypervolts: This is a vibration percussion massage gun that is an effective way to loosen tight muscles.
Chiropractic: Helps put mobility back in the spine, allowing for proper motion and less muscular
Massage: Decreases the likelihood of injury by allowing mobility in the muscles.
Stretch Therapy: Performed by Stretch Therapists and allows for you to move carefully beyond your
range of motion, while adding motion in the joints.
InBody Scanner: Analyzes your ratio of body fat, muscle, and water weight. This is a great way to see
what your body is comprised of!

“We offer our memberships based on two visits per week,” Dr. Mandy explained. “We prefer at least
two 90-minute sessions of recovery for most athletes or anyone sedentary.”
Due to Covid restrictions, appointments are preferred, as a maximum of 12 people can be
accommodated at one time. Appointments can be made easily on MindBody, under Sports Performance
and Spine.
As an added perk, SweatNET Pittsburgh members receive 20 percent off of a membership package!
Call for more information at (412) 723-2735 or visit their website at, or email
the staff at

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