Rock Your Ride at CycleBar Robinson

Rock Your Ride at CycleBar Robinson

Dim the lights and turn up the music! Clip in and ride to the beat at CycleBar Robinson.
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“You don’t need to be the best in the room. You just need to bring your best self.”
-Lolo, Senior Master Instructor
CycleBar Experience

At CycleBar, there’s a ride for everyone. The low-impact, high-intensity stadium cycling classes can be modified for any age, body type, and fitness level. Classes range from 30-minute Xpress rides to 60 minutes of heart-pounding, soul-searching cardio.

Riders are united by the beat and rooted in community. CycleBar raises the bar (no pun intended) for premium indoor cycling.

No amenities were spared at CB Robinson. From the free rental shoes to the beverage and snack bar, CycleBar makes it easy for you to bring your best self to class.

Who doesn’t love a party? Join CycleBar for their fun after-party rides. Like their signature “Happy Hour” ride Friday’s at 5:30 pm, and “Brunch Burn 60” Sunday’s at 10:15 am.


Instructor, educator, DJ, motivational coach – CycleStar’s do it all. Before class begins, they will help you set up your bike, explain the technology of CycleStats, and answer any questions. These high-energy leaders will guide you through challenging, interval-based rides making sure you push yourself to the max.

At CB Robinson, it’s personal. The CycleStars know you by name so don’t even think about slacking off in the back row.


The CycleBeats are the soundtrack to your ride. Each playlist is curated by your CycleStar to get your heart pumping and pedals moving. These songs are specifically chosen for each class, so no two rides are the same.

Keep your eye out for their killer music-themed rides! Like – Rihanna vs. Eminem, Showtunes, Throwback 90’s, Female Powerhouse, and much more.


Each bike is outfitted with a personal screen that displays and measures the six key metrics of performance such as resistance, RPM, power, etc. These data points help you align your performance with the instruction from the CycleStar, so you can guarantee to crush each ride.

Your CycleStats will be e-mailed to you at the end of each class and will also be housed in your CycleBar user profile so you can track your progress.

Enjoy some friendly competition? Throughout the ride, the TV’s at the front of the room will display every rider’s CycleStats. Dig deep, turn up the resistance, and ride your way to the top of the leaderboard!
SweatNET members receive 15% off all memberships and drop-in’s!