Running During These Crazy Covid Times

Running During These Crazy Covid Times

Our world has dramatically changed in the past year. One thing that has remained the same, though, is that exercise and moving your body is an important part of staying healthy both mentally and physically.  In times like these, it’s great to have something that will help reduce anxiety and relieve some stress, not to mention burn a few of those calories from the extra snacks that you may be eating.

A lot of us are used to meeting up with friends and classes to exercise. We love our group runs! Working out with other people helps with accountability and motivation, that’s for sure.  Right now it’s vital that we all run solo to help flatten the curve. How are we supposed to get up early to run if we aren’t meeting someone to do it?

The great thing about the active community of Charlotte is that there are many places to find motivation. We’ve got wonderful personal trainers and groups who have some major fitness challenges going on right now. They don’t all have to do with running, and a lot of them have prizes involved like gift cards to local breweries– how’s that for some motivation? 

A lot of local races have shifted to a virtual option. This has some benefits, especially for those who have just started to run and may be intimidated to line up at a starting line.  Most offer a tee shirt, medal, and other swag and all you have to do is complete the distance on your own time.  

Social Media is a great way to stay connected.  runCLTrun has a fabulous family of runners who are great motivators!  Simply by following the account on Instagram and Facebook and using the hashtag #runCLTrun, you will find an instant circle of support. This is one of the very best things about our running community– they’ll encourage and motivate you without ever having met you! 

Get out and move. Connect with others. Encourage your significant other and kids to do the same. This won’t last forever. We’re all in this together, even though we’re apart. We’ll come out stronger on the other side!
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