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I have always been involved in fitness. When I was young it was sports; by the time I got to college it was the campus gym. I fell in love with HIIT training. When I was in college I got the chance to become comfortable in a gym setting. I was always surrounded by friends and classmates, the gym became my escape to have alone time.
After graduating college I moved to Charlotte, soon after the pandemic hit. I stuck to my workouts, working out in my room or in an open field. As gyms began to open back up I was quickly introduced to the incredible fitness community that Charlotte offers. I got involved in outdoor bootcamps and Hustle House. Fitness quickly went from being my alone time to being my place to see all my friends.

Since taking the deep dive into the Charlotte fitness community, my fitness journey has skyrocketed. I took the time, and now I am a CPT.  I truly believe that being active is the best way to create life longevity.

You can sweat with me any time through my personal training or find me at Hustle House on the floor!

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Hustle House Fitness - Uptown, East Stonewall Street, Charlotte, NC, USA