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A few years ago, I had a crippling lack of confidence, no sense of direction for my future, no motivation, and a lot of self-hatred. I remember sitting in my car alone and screaming at the top of my lungs with all the windows closed. I remember crying so hard each night and passing out from exhaustion, only to wake up the next day feeling hungover.

I remember wanting to stop existing.

And then I discovered weightlifting and the power that embracing a healthy lifestyle can bring. I immersed myself into the gym and gained so much more than muscles and physical strength. I gained confidence, independence, self esteem, and courage to not stay stuck where I landed. But only because I persevered. I didn’t stop after completing a short, 8 week workout program. I didn’t stop when I felt content with the number on the scale or the body I saw in the mirror. I made it a lifestyle change. A cycle of continuous goal setting, conquering, and growing.

I want to be a positive role model for other women looking to get their health back on the right track. In an industry that is still heavily male dominated, there has to be a safe haven for females to go without judgement and a personal trainer to help them reach their goals.

I want to help others realize they are not a victim of their current situation but a force that deserves to be heard, felt, and seen. You can overcome any hardship and let go of what restrains you when you find the right support. Once you make fitness a lifestyle, you can gain so much more than muscle. You can win yourself back.

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