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Savannah Hightower



Hi everyone! I’m Savannah and I’m so grateful for the community that SweatNET has created in Greenville. I moved to GVL in September 2019 and met my first friends in this city through SweatNET. I’m a social worker and I love hiking with my dog, baking, and yoga. Fitness is a major aspect of what grounds me and how I connect with like-minded people. No matter what I’m going through, fitness always helps me stay connected to my heart and my goals. Staying active and attending all the various events that SweatNET offers always enhances my confidence and positivity and helps me build such a sweet, supportive community. After a solid workout, catch me with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and a homemade chocolate chip cookie… or two.

Business Location

Indigo Flow & Art, Pendleton Street, Greenville, SC, USA