Serious About Getting In Shape? Do These 3 Things

Serious About Getting In Shape? Do These 3 Things

Before you splurge on a Peloton bike or sign up for a gym membership – here are three things you can do from your couch that will help you get in shape.

Drink a glass of water

Stop what you’re doing and drink a glass of water.

Chug it, sip it, slurp it.

With or without ice.

At least 8 ounces. That’s like, less than a White Claw.

Drink the entire thing.

All done? Congratulations – you just met your new best friend! Her name is H2O, and she’s here to stay.

Water has countless benefits. It helps your skin glow, reduces belly bloat, and essentially keeps your body moving. I’ll let the doctors explain this further.

As it pertains to fitness – drinking enough water will maximize physical performance, aid in digestion, and keep joints lubricated. Staying hydrated is crucial.

However, drinking water requires discipline. Water lacks flavors and makes you pee a ton. But you already drank a full glass so, kudos – you’re on the right track. You go, Glen Coco.

2. Choose a time

One of the most common excuses for skipping a workout is not having enough time.

Analyze your schedule and work with your routines. Are you a morning person? If the answer is no – let’s not schedule a workout at 5 am, Karen. You know you’re going to sleep through that alarm. If you’re a night owl, mark off an hour three nights a week when you can dedicate time for a workout.

Still having trouble finding the time? Begin tracking the minutes (and ahem, hours) you spend on social media. Spoiler alert – the average American spends over two hours a day skimming through other people’s highlight reels.

A wise  internet meme once said – “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.”

3. Set a goal

Another crucial mistake that people make is setting the wrong goal. For any fitness plan to be effective, you need to know precisely what you’re working towards.

I’ll let you in on the secret that personal trainers use to help clients set goals using the acronym SMART.

SPECIFIC – Yes, we would all like to look like Gigi Hadid. But in reality, the vagueness of your goals will hold you back. Dig deep and figure out what you want.

Example of specific – “I want to lose 10 pounds”
Example of unspecific – “I want to lose fat and build muscle”

MEASURABLE – I’m talking pounds, inches, jean sizes. Snap pictures, take measurements, record weight on the scale. How will you know you’re making progress?

Example of measurable – “I want to drop a dress size”
Example of unmeasurable – “I want to be healthier”

ATTAINABLE – It’s easy for beginners to become over-ambitious. While I love the enthusiasm, the goal needs to be rooted in reality. This means having a goal that will be challenging, difficult, and within reach.

Example of attainable – “I will exercise three days a week”
Example of unattainable – “I will exercise every day”

REALISTIC – Everyone loves a quick fix. But don’t be fooled by the Slim Fast commercials and weight-loss tea. Your goal needs to be something you’re willing to work towards.

Example of realistic – “I will drink water instead of pop”
Example of unrealistic – “I will remove all carbs from my diet”

TIMELY – “A goal without a deadline is a dream.” When do you want to have achieved your goal? Set a long-term goal and work backward to identify short-term compounding milestones.

Example of timely – “I want to run a marathon in 12 months”
Example of untimely – “I want to become a better runner”