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balancing the tides of life through yoga, movement, breath and awareness



My name is Alexandra, and what you’re about to discover, can change your life- in all the best ways possible. I created this space, to connect and guide others to finding true authenticity. I’m spilling the “tea”, about my life experience and all I’ve learned along the way to finding The Flow. Welcome to the journey.

My story into the practice of Yoga goes back 10 years. I didn’t know it at the time, but Yoga kept showing up for me when I needed it the most. This wasn’t an overnight discovery. Yoga showed up for every heart break, anxiety attack, celebration and fork in the road. I am a believer that the physical practice of yoga will ebb and flow, but the principals stay deeply rooted. Yoga has been my mirror, to discover my true authentic self, and the practice itself has been a guiding post to keep me in flow with my higher self.

Growing up a dancer, any time I had faced challenges or heart ache, I turned to movement. There was always something so sacred about moving. You could feel emotion traveling through your body when you were deeply connected. I never had words for what this felt like, until I entered the world of Yoga. When I retired from the industry, I found myself without an outlet or direction. I graduated from college, took a corporate job in sales and worked your typical 9-5 (or 8-6) every day. I thought this was life, “the grind” that everyone was talking about, and although it made me a great living and friendships I’ll cherish for a lifetime, there was something that was greatly missing…

Although I had been a student in this practice for several years, I never thought I’d be the one to teach it. In 2014, I took my first Yoga Teacher Training (200hr RYT). Still convinced I had NO time, or intention to teach, I took it to deepen my practice, and to understand the philosophy of whatever this was that was changing my life. Those 6 months were the most transformative months of my life. I was able to get to the root of my anxiety, manage my mind and relationships, and overall had an awareness of how I showed up in the world.

I’ve been teaching every since, and have so much passion around sharing this with others.

I am now an E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, with a mission to share the practice of awareness with the world. My focus on my continued education was within trauma. Many of my privates are focused on working through anxiety, stress and the overall clutter that comes from the day to day.

I am the Yoga Lead for a bad ass Community in Channelside- Union Three Studio. We area a yoga and cycle studio with a big focus on community, and connection. Come see me and and our incredible Fam when we open in October!

I also offer private- in house- yoga sessions for those looking for a one-on-one experience. Yoga takes many forms- I don’t believe there is “one way”. My privates offer a consultation to root down to what you are looking for in your practice. These can range from meditation, guidance, mindfulness, communication, breath work, asana etc. With each client, I design classes and deeper course work based on what they are looking to get out of their personal practice.

You can sign up for my group classes and Workshops at For privates, please visit

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