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Summer Brown

SweatNET Ambassador | Program Manager | Always looking for new adventures in Nashville



Hi I’m Summer! I’m a two time Vanderbilt University graduate and now work as a Program Manager and the Vanderbilt Medical Center. I am also a former student-athlete on the Vanderbilt swim team. Therefore, I enjoy being active particularly in the mornings thanks to the 5:30am practices. Running has been my recent choice of exercise, for I am a runner at Jogalope every Wednesday at 6:30pm and Friday mornings at 6:15am. Nevertheless, I’m always looking for more classes or workouts to try.

Since I’ve been settling into my work-life in Nashville, I’ve been striving to get more involved and give back to Nashville, including meeting more people in this beautiful, ever-growing city. I’m super excited to be an Ambassador for SweatNET to help fulfill my next 615 lifestyle!

Business Location

Jackalope Brewing Company - The Den, 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN, USA