Why I LOVE SweatNET Grand Rapids — A Personal Blog by Chelsea Sinke

Why I LOVE SweatNET Grand Rapids — A Personal Blog by Chelsea Sinke

Let me first start off by saying SweatNet is amazing and I am hoping that after you read about everything they have to offer I will see you at the next event! SweatNet is a Grand Rapids health, fitness and wellness community. They put on at least 3-4 free fitness events a month but lately it has been more than that, and they feature different class styles and studios in the surrounding area. It is a $9.95 monthly membership that allows you access to go to all of the events, plus offers membership discounts to studios, and discounts at local restaurants and shops around Grand Rapids.

SweatNet is all about bringing the community together and welcomes everyone with open arms! I am not a “gym” person, even though I wish I was, treadmill and free weights are just not for me. I love variety in my workouts and I love when workouts can be fun so it doesn’t feel like a chore. That’s how I fell in love with SweatNet GR! The first event that I found was a barre class on the rooftop of 7 Monks Brewery downtown and they offered a happy hour after the workout, I saw that and was like “These are my people!” It is all about balance.

I go to a lot of events by myself and I never feel out of place or awkward, everyone is so friendly and there for the same reason – to get a sweat on and have some fun. All the events that are put on are for all levels of fitness and have advanced moves and modifiers! The energy from the events will keep you coming for more and pushing yourself to new limits!

Like I mentioned in the beginning you get a lot of perks with your monthly membership.

Free access to monthly fitness events
Drop in discounts to studios
Salon and spa service discounts
One free drink/smoothie from Clean Juice every month
Gym/studio membership discounts
Deals at local apparel shops
Deals at local eateries


The list is crazy long and keeps growing, it’s ridiculously awesome how many businesses are included. I love that it promotes only Grand Rapids and the surrounding area businesses, especially in times right now where small and local businesses need the community most! It is a great way to support our amazing city and show some extra love while enjoying our perks as well, it is a win win!

I post all SweatNet events on the Weekly 411 page, and it is updated every Sunday night! I attend about 90% of events so feel free to reach out if you need a buddy to attend an event with you. I would love to show you the ropes and then visit one of our awesome brewery’s for our workout reward! Lace up your sneakers and let’s get our sweat on!

Click here for the link to their website for more details and to sign up as a member


My name is Chelsea Sinke and I am a Grand Rapids Michigander born and raised! I have always enjoyed my time downtown GR, even when I was little. From the amazing food, free events, art, concerts, drinks, workouts, movies, food trucks, sports, museums, honestly the list can go on and on. Main point is that Grand Rapids is a 10/10 city and I always have an excuse to be there! Learn more about my adventures at www.mygrandrapidslife.com!