My First Class at F45-SouthPark

My First Class at F45-SouthPark

I just took my first ever F45 Fitness class at F45 South Park with head coach Ezra Leak. The first thing I noticed was how inviting and friendly the instructors were towards me from the minute I walked through the door. As a first-timer and as someone they had never met before, they were able to make me feel like they had known me for a while. Not only were the instructors beyond friendly and informative, but the members were welcoming too!

Now, to get into the fitness aspect…  F45 is a HIIT workout that is cardio-based while also focusing on strength training. It is fast-paced and you are constantly moving and breaking a sweat. The instructor motivates and pushes you to keep giving 110% at all times. Ezra did a great job of complimenting and coaching individuals through the workout and he was on a first-name basis with every person in the studio. Even as a first-timer it was nice to feel as though I were a regular and have the extra push throughout the workout as he would call out my form or encourage me to hit more reps. 

If you are worried about not being able to fit a workout into your life, listen to this! F45 has a compatible schedule that can work with anyone’s busy lifestyle. Monday- Friday they provide 2-3 morning classes, 2 lunch-time classes, and 2 evening classes, all lasting 45 minutes. On Saturday, they have 3 one hour classes, ranging at different times throughout the day. On Sunday, they have 3 classes during the day, all lasting 45 minutes. So for people like me, who are just starting their fitness journey. F45 also provides a 7 day trial for only $7, so anyone can give it a whirl.

During my personal experience, the thing that struck me about this studio is that they target all people… All ages, all levels. When you walk in, you can tell the instructors want to get to know you. They want to know what works best for you. When I asked Ezra what his, and all other instructor’s goal was for their members, he told me, “Keep the members accountable. We are all hands-on with correction, form, and we are always available for any questions in or outside the gym.” The coaches motivate the members by keeping the energy through the roof, heart-pumping music, constant pushing and reinforcing members to help each other. The instructors train by the mission statement, “Team Training, Life-Changing”.

Being new to the Charlotte fitness scene, this is definitely a gym I would consider joining and at a minimum at least trying the 7-day trial. If you need the extra accountability, looking for some new relationships, or just need an all-out awesome workout F45 South Park does a great job doing all three. They have a variety of inspiring coaches, an awesome community, efficient workouts, up-to-date technology and equipment, and a variety of strength and conditioning. So head on over to 4701 Park Road, Suite C, and start your trial!

P.S. They’re having a 45-day challenge right now that ends July 21st, so hurry!!!
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