The Pursuit Of Imperfection

The Pursuit Of Imperfection

The Pursuit Of Imperfection
I have been chasing perfectionism all my life. I didn’t just want to look perfect–I wanted the perfect morning routine, perfect weekly schedule, perfectly manicured home, perfect grades, etc.  As a result, I riddled my body with anxiety, low energy, stress, and honestly, I barely got anything done.

You’d think that trying to be so perfect would only get you closer to your goals. How can you lose weight if you don’t know your entire meal plan for the next 3 months? How can you complete a project without knowing all that there is to know to complete it? How can you truly succeed in life if you’re not always seeking perfection?!
There’s the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Even though this holds some truth, you can plan all you want, but if you’d don’t act you won’t get anything done. Here’s a few tips I use to keep myself actively and efficiently pursuing my goals:

SET A TIMER – When something needs to get done, schedule it out or just do it. Cleaning, getting gas, grocery shopping, and all of the fun tasks adults have to get done will need to get done regardless. Set a timer to maximize your efficiency. 15 minutes and knock out as much cleaning as you’re able to. 30 minutes to grocery shop. When the timer goes off, it’s time to move on.
STOP WASTING TIME – Did you know that you can track how much time you spend on social media with the new iPhone update? Yeah, YIKES. All that time you wasted watching other people work out on instagram, you could have dedicated to a workout that would have gotten you closer to your goals. We all do it so there is no need to be ashamed, just work on being mindful of the time you spend being, well, mindless.
FIGURE IT OUT ALONG THE WAY – One goal, many paths to achieve it. You have to be flexible, not perfect. The most impressive plan can be created today, and will undoubtedly change tomorrow. That’s how life works, it presents us with obstacles and new problems to fix. So don’t be fixated on what you have to do a week or even a month or a year from now, focus on what you can do right NOW.

Let me say it again: trying to be perfect will waste your time and inhibit your progress. Be messy. Be efficient. Focus on what you can do right now, at this very moment… because this moment is all you have.
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