The Vision Behind SkyCycle

The Vision Behind SkyCycle


Improved blood flow, increased stamina, boosted mood, and a sense of release. These mental, spiritual, and physical rewards, among many others, are why I have continued to dedicate myself to the practice of cycling for the past eight years. The most important aspect I have gleaned from my journey as a fitness ambassador – and why I am here today – derives from the all-embracing sense of community, overpowering support, and genuine pleasure that stems from group exercise. This inspiration led me to my exciting, new endeavor, SkyCycle.

My love for cycling began when I attended my first spin class as a college student in Charleston, SC. I instantly fell in love with the euphoric music, inspirational coaches, and cardio high – a full-body sensory experience. Time and time again, I felt an electric sensation resulting in goosebumps and elation throughout my body. My mental state was at a low point when I began taking cycling classes, but once I clipped my shoe into the petal, I felt as if I was stepping into my power and gaining control of my life again. What started as a few classes a week soon turned into an everyday therapy session. Every time I spun, I exceeded expectations and surpassed any set limits. In those moments, I felt the most empowered. 

Upon graduating college, I moved back to my hometown of Charlotte, and became a spin instructor at the only boutique studio in the area. I am a strong proponent of boutique fitness concepts as they tend to offer a unique culture with a more intimate sense of community. With every class I teach, I am leading others through, what I feel, is a spiritual experience. When I instruct, it’s not just about exercise – I push people to disassociate from the outside noise and connect their souls to the music and movement. Watching a group of powerful individuals move in unison creates a magnifying force of energy. Soon after becoming a trainer, I recognized how important empowering others was for me. Fitness wasn’t going to be a hobby or side gig — this was my future, my purpose, and my passion.

Health and fitness is a tough industry to dedicate a career towards. Working hard has never been an obstacle of mine, but I was dedicating all mental and physical vitalities to others which made me apprehensive. I sensed future regret for not putting that energy into myself and expanding my own future. Since the beginning, I knew I would eventually create a studio providing a transformative experience. I needed to have my own space, a concept like any other in Charlotte, but how would I get there? I was 25 years old with limited resources, but an overwhelming amount of energy and hunger to bring a more beat – based, differentiated spin concept to Charlotte. 

I began exploring the Charlotte real estate market. Prices for new studio build-outs were astronomical and disheartening, but I refused defeat. I continued to network with studio owners for insight and mentorship. I believed the more my dreams were spoken into existence, the better. Manifesting, right? Well, it’s safe to say, it worked. 

During a meeting with the prior owner of SkyCycle, intended for spilling my visions and seeking advice, the conversation resulted in an offer to buy SkyCycle, a rooftop spin studio in Dilworth. The owner explained he and his partner had other endeavors and never dedicated the time and commitment to making SkyCycle a real business. He could feel my passion and felt I deserved the opportunity, and I jumped at this chance. SkyCycle has endless room for growth and outrageous potential to be exponentially special.

SkyCycle provides the community with a completely different experience than any other fitness studio in Charlotte. Sign up for a ride, and experience the perfect blend of performance and rhythmic, beat-based riding techniques. Rather than a repetitive and forced method, SkyCycle instructors each bring his/her individualistic style to life on the charming rooftop. Come for the class, embrace the rooftop vibes, and stay for the community.