Things I Learned From Meditating for a Week

Things I Learned From Meditating for a Week

Stress is something that everyone has dealt with before and will definitely go through again. Whether it be stress from work, completing deadlines on time, school, or just simply having a bad week. There have been times where I just can’t seem to go to sleep because of everything that’s on my mind, and recently, it has been a lot so I knew I needed to try something I’ve never done before. But where should I start?? I’ve always heard mixed feelings about meditation, and I honestly didn’t think it would work for me….. until it did.

I started on a Sunday night right before bed. I wasn’t really sure if I should sit in a crossed-legged position like I’ve seen people on TV do, have the lights turned on or off, or if I needed to hum to really get the whole experience. But none of that sounded like me. Instead, I decided to lie down in my bed with all of the lights off and just get as comfortable as I could. I ended up listening to  a 10 minute meditation that SweatNET provides called “Just Breathe w/ Carianna”. I figured this one would be most appropriate because I really just needed a breather that day.

I’m lying there with my eyes closed, and felt like I was totally doing it wrong. My mind is still going a mile a minute! Then Carianna starts talking about paying attention to the sounds we hear. My window was open so I heard the leaves blowing in the wind, some cars passing by, a dog barking next door. How was I supposed to focus on breathing when I hear all of these noises?? But then it became very calming to hear the leaves and the whistling of the wind. She talks in such a calm and soothing voice that I sort of forgot that it was even bothering me in the first place. I remember feeling about half way through (I think?) that my arms felt like they could float. I was more focused on my breath, and those thoughts that were running through my head starting to slow down. And before I knew it, I was asleep!

I listened to a meditation every night before bed for a week, and it really did make me feel more relaxed and fall asleep quicker! I’m not saying that I think meditation is for everyone, or that it will give you the same feelings I felt, because everyone’s body and mind is different. Do I think I will do more meditating? YES. Did I feel less tension in my body after a long day? DOUBLE YES. But I think it is all about trying to find something that works for you, and I’m very happy that SweatNET provides all different types of meditations for whatever stress reliever I might need at the time.

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