I’ve Cooked This Casserole Literally Every Week & I’m Still Not Sick Of It

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I’ve Cooked This Casserole Literally Every Week & I’m Still Not Sick Of It

Too busy. Too tired. Hate getting to the store to shop. Add in a new baby and these were my top four excuses to let my usual healthy diet slide. Not saying that letting it slide isn’t completely acceptable and normal when you’ve welcomed something new into your life, but when my friend delivered this lasagna recipe to my door, chalk full of vegetables, proteins, and the ability to reheat and taste as delicious as it did the day it arrived – I’ve been an addict ever since.

I’m not normally someone who can eat the same thing day after day let alone week after week but this lasagna is an exception. With ingredients that have a nearly forever shelf/freezer life (sweet potato, tomato sauce, ground meat, eggs/whites) and only three (arguably negotiable) fresh ingredients (cheese, tomatoes and basil) I had already eliminated one excuse. I’ve also got prep time down to 8 minutes that it’s something I can pull together almost as fast as a diaper change! Ok, maybe slightly longer than swapping out a fresh baby diaper but those first few diaps as a new mom with zero experience were definitely on the lengthier side.


I digress.

The options on this casserole-esque lasagna are also endless. From lean ground beef to chicken to turkey to Italian sausage you’ve got at least a month worth of different tasting meals from the same recipe. Bored of swapping out the meat? Take a walk down the pasta sauce aisle and mix up your tomato sauce. It can also be made in bulk – and by bulk I mean enough to feed two armies. You can double and triple this recipe and it tastes delicious while also holding up great for at least a week. It doesn’t last longer than a week in my house so I can’t tell you what happens after a week. The only non-negotiable in this recipe is the sweet potato BUT this ingredient may be the most magical part of the whole recipe because even the sweet potato despising members of my family have eaten this lasagna and not even realized they’re eating it instead of the traditional lasagna noodle!

I will say the hardest part of this recipe is slicing the sweet potato. I prefer a thinly sliced potato (my first attempt at this recipe was rugged and the sweet potato didn’t cook through because they were closer to 1/2″ thick slices) and might as well have been chips in the middle of my lasagna. Despite the setback, I persevered, went down the google search rabbit hole and discovered the mandolin. Cheaply purchased off Amazon, this is the best kitchen accessory I’ve gotten yet AND guarantees a thinly sliced sweet potato. You may also slice off your finger – you’ve been warned – but it makes slicing thin potatoes, quick and easy work.

Now for the best part – drumroll please – the recipe! Please note, I’ve never made this with cottage cheese, I’ve only ever swapped that out for egg whites and it’s gone swimmingly. I also use Trader Joe’s Dairy Free Mozzarella (it’s the best dairy free mozz out there) for the cheese component. This recipe is “eye-ball friendly” which is the only way I cook and also means less dishes and no measuring cups once you’ve made it a time or two.

Take some liberties, give it a try and see how many sweet potato haters you can trick into loving my favorite potato.

Author Bio: Grace is a new mom, founder of SweatNET, lover of fitness, the outdoors and doggos. She also believes you can’t go wrong with a good charcuterie plate and a glass of wine.

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