Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park is the second-largest park in the city of St. Louis, after Forest Park. Tower Grove offers trails throughout its 289 acres.

​Many people run and walk throughout the park daily. You will also see parents pushing strollers and owners walking their dogs as the park is a popular spot for families and pups.

The paved route that loops around the park is relatively flat but there are a few inclines along the way.

Local fitness studios around the neighborhood like to set up group exercise classes within the park, usually on the grass.

The park also has tennis courts and baseball fields. As early as April 1 through the end of November, teams are playing kickball, softball, baseball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and football throughout the park on any given day, according to Tower Grove Park.
Kristen Carver – SweatNET STL Ambassador

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