Creating a Home Gym for under $300

Creating a Home Gym for under $300

A Home Gym for $300!

I hate being stuck at home. I hate drinking coffee I have to make for myself, having no good reason to shower and I miss seeing my friends, family and coworkers. I long for the day when I put on a full face of makeup and head out for some Friday night fun in jeans that haven’t been touched in months.Being stuck at home sucks, but your at home workouts don’t have to. I LOVE working out at home for so many reasons. I can fit a workout into my schedule anytime during the day instead of being locked into before work or after work. I LOVE saving money on gym memberships and studio classes, and I love the variety of exercise I’ve been able to get with some basic equipment. This lock down home workout schedule has me wondering if I will ever belong to a gym again.
Home workouts are made infinitely better by having some basic equipment. Nobody likes doing jumping jacks and burpees at home for weeks on end. I’ve created a nice “home gym” and wanted to share some essentials with you all that will help you take your home workout game to the next level. One thing to remember is that equipment does NOT need to take up a ton of space. I’m in a townhouse and store all these items in a small space in the garage. You also don’t need a ton of cash. I got ALL of the equipment below for under $300!

Home Workout Essentials: (click to see where I bought mine!)

Kettlebells : Kettlebells are an all-in-one conditioning tool that really help you focus on maintaining core stability and focus on coordination. This piece of equipment provides a stellar alternative if you are tired of running for cardio. Once you’re comfortable with different moves you can start adding in these exercises to your normal routine.

Dumbbell set : Having some dumbbells is a must if you want to challenge yourself and build some strength. While you CAN do strength training with body weight, having even two sets of dumbbells on hand will help you add some challenge when you’re ready to increase your intensity. I bought the set linked here and rarely use the 20 or 25 set.

Foam mat: Having a four pack of these has made a world of difference in my garage workouts. They provide cushion for your knees during jumping movements and make core exercises much more enjoyable. I have four that I leave out, but if you don’t have the space they are so simple to take apart and store in a closet.

Resistance bands: Perhaps the most underrated piece of equipment on this list- these little guys will add a major burn to all your low impact exercises. They are also great for working on mobility or adding extra challenge to cardio moves.

Whiteboard: I am so much better at home workouts when I write down what I am going to do. I use a small whiteboard to plan my workouts before I start and I also keep my weight and body fat percentage in the corner to track it over time.

I hope this list was helpful in planning your home gym! There are so many other pieces of equipment you can add if you have the space- we’ve added a free standing boxing bag and a bench to our home gym, but I’d also love to add in a pull up bar down the road. With the equipment above you will have all you need for great workouts at home…you may never need a gym membership again!


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