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Victoria Hansen



I’m Victoria Hansen – the hats that I wear include corporate real estate manager, mom to an awesome little dude, wife, dog mom, coffee connoisseur, connector, architecture and design addict, reader, traveler, and all things wellness.

I began my wellness journey at a super young age, learning from my mom who raised me as holistically, and naturally as possible (before it was cool). I started yoga and meditation around the age of 10 and have immersed myself into all things wellness, nutrition, and fitness ever since.

I’m the go-to girl in my friend group for any questions ranging from the benefits of  ashwaganda, dry brushing, tongue scraping, and mushroom coffee to which essential oil to use for a headache. I will volunteer to be a guinea pig for just about anything wellness related!

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OMG!Yoga, Northland Drive Northeast, Rockford, MI, USA