We Adapted and Took Action

We Adapted and Took Action

“Action and adaptability create opportunity.” – Garrison Wynn

Last year will always be the year of reflection, reassessment and revaluation of what we do and how we do it. Andrea and I came together in the summer of 2020 with determination to create an inclusively virtual fitness community. Our individual personalities came under one purpose; to get people moving and to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

At the time, my baby was three months old when Andrea reached out to me. I was already teaching zoom classes with my students from my previous gym. We always had a mutual respect and admiration of each others coaching abilities. She ran her own personal training sessions from her garage and one-on-one Whole30 coaching, while I took on the roll as a personal trainer coordinator and taught group exercise classes. 

Seven years ago, Andrea and I moved from Chicago and Los Angeles, where we taught at some of the most elite gyms. From there on we took what we knew and expanded it further in the Lake Norman area to encourage, excite and expand an inclusive community. Because of this, we had enough experience and gumption to combine our passion into what is now Mbrace Studio. 

Although we had the knowledge and experience to embark on this venture, we soon realized how much we didn’t know. I studied graphic design, film/audio editing, web design in college and so much had changed in software programming. We went from one web platform to another, navigating email marketing and CRM, music licensing; along with all the marketing avenues that were necessary to keep us relevant. There was so much to do, aside from teaching and recording our classes. We were also juggling six kids between us, while remote learning. We were overwhelmed. But, it was all still so exciting and still is today! 

Andrea and I weren’t sure at first if this would even work, because we still had to figure out how “we” worked with each other. Our first videos are hilarious, because we’re still trying to figure “us” out. We quickly realized that we had a good thing here. We are complete opposites and it works. More importantly, we’re relatable. You either identify more with her or me, or both. We will make you laugh, cuss, dance and cuss some more, throughout each work out. I’m the one who you may not want to take home to grandma, because of my twerking(I try) and potty mouth, while Andrea just shakes her head, grimacing, like an embarrassed sibling. I’ll shorten those rest breaks and yell for you to keep going in HIIT, while she calmly, yet firmly tells you to lift heavier in “Power Up”. She’s the beast of a trainer and I’m the modifier who tells you it’s ok to take that dance break. This is who we are. Our blended personalities and structured format is what makes Mbrace Studio unique. 

We are fans of variety and have been doing this whole “working out” thing long enough to know what works. Functional training, bodybuilding, HIIT and mobility are the key components to what we do. We offer six different class styles to showcase that. Our workouts will never feel like a chore, because they are tailor made to be fun, safe and effective. Music is a huge component in our classes and we love a good theme. I became a group exercise instructor because I wanted to be my own DJ in a room full of spin heads (indoor cycling)! I love it all. Just don’t expect any Dave Mathews Band…sorry, not sorry. 

We plan out the month for you, so you don’t have to think about it. Just show up to a zoom or hit play. We offer virtual and outdoor classes as early as 5:15am to 6:00pm and online challenges for our On-Demand members and Community Members. Attached to the Community Membership is a 2-week meal plan by Emily Sullivan; registered dietician/chef who will soon be teaching classes from her home in Denver, Co. 

Mbrace Studio is a place where members feel welcomed, safe and encouraged. Our members range from college students to retirees. All of our body’s are different and no two bodies are alike. We will show you how to be an advocate for YOUR self, YOUR time, and YOUR aspirations. We will sharpen your “body mind”, so you will understand and perform exercise moves correctly and get stronger after every workout. Our 20+ years of experience and knowledge has given us the tools to motivate people to establish accountability and learn the habits that are key to a healthy lifestyle.

We offer free sample classes on our website at www.mbracestudio.com and host our signature class “The Technique”(strength and cardio) at Lost Worlds Brewery and Roosevelt Park in the Lake Norman area. You can find our schedule online at www.calendar.mbracestudio.com. 

Come check us out and Mbrace your unique power. We look forward to meeting you!

Diana Dee: Co-Founder of Mbrace Studio –
CPT ACE/Maddog certified/CGEI AFFA/Certified Functional Training Specialist

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